Learning for the fun of it.
No tests, no papers, and no grades.

CSC college class

Serving mid-coast Maine from Wiscasset to Camden, Coastal Senior College (CSC) is a welcoming community of learners 50 and older involved in a wide range of intellectual, creative social and physical activities that offer opportunities to learn and connect with others through classes and special events in Lincoln and Knox counties.  Click here to watch our new CSC video.

Volunteer-driven and managed, CSC is part of Maine’s growing Maine Senior College Network affiliated with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and the Campuses and Outreach Centers of the University of Maine System. For an article on this national Lifelong Learning movement click here.

Highly knowledgeable instructors lead classes that typically meet for two hours during the week, usually for a full eight-week term, which should allow you to fit at least one class into your schedule. There are no grades, no exams, and no term papers.

Lend us a hand

Special events, forums, lectures, and field trips are also offered to CSC members throughout the year, often noted in one of our e-newsletters. Additional benefits of CSC membership include the opportunity to join the governing board, the operating committees, and volunteer opportunities such as planning special events, assisting instructors, and helping with office tasks.

The Coastal Senior College business office is located at 91 Camden Street, Suite 402 in Rockland, Maine, on the fourth floor of the Breakwater Building in Rockland at the University of Maine at Augusta Rockland Center (URock). Click here for directions.

Where do Courses Come From?

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for the quality of our classes and is always on the lookout for new instructors with new subjects. Here is the story of one course. If you know someone with expertise and passion for a subject who may be interested in teaching for CSC, please contact a member of the curriculum committee. For more information about teaching for CSC, click here. For a summary of the Curriculum Committee process, please click here.

Spring, 2018 Adventures

Registration begins March 6
First session is April 3

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The Rise of Eastern Christian Churches and Their Fate Under Islam, Stuhlman

Sushi, Kabuki & Subaru: The Art and Geo-Politics of Japan, Somoza

Documentary Visions of Reality, Solomon

The Topsy-Turvy World of Gilbert and Sullivan, Randall

The Art of Spain: Power, Religion and Politics, Pimentel

Courage, Magic, and Trickery in Medieval Welsh Tales, Nesslage

Appreciating Painting, Meyers

How to Cut & Prune Your Writing, Janover

The Memoir Café. Dashiell

And the Continuing Groups will continue:

Writers’ Group, Muth

The Challenge of Change, Jon Olsen

CSC Coffeehouse, Newman

Thanks to Judith Mitchell for the wonderful owl illustrations


Mid-Coast Transportation Options

Lincoln County Fish:  LC FISH is a volunteer driving program that works to match Lincoln County residents with drivers at no cost.  Please call 350-9808 if you need a ride for any reason.  Success is not guaranteed but FISH will do their best to assist you.

Mid-Coast Public Transportation (MCPT) is for everyone!  You don’t need to meet any qualifications to use it.  Two business days advance notice is required to schedule a ride.  For more information on availability and fares, please call 338-4769.

Please do not contact CSC for further information or to schedule transportation.