Staying in Charge


A Free Series on Pro-active Aging aimed at making you a more informed owner of your age-enhanced body. So….bring your questions!

All classes are free. Sign up for as few or as many as you wish. However, registration is required to ensure adequate seating. The first 7 classes will be held at the Lincoln Health Education Center, 66A Chapman Street in Damariscotta from 10 – Noon. The final class on Nov 14th will be held at the 1812 Farm, 1297 Bristol Road, and will feature Kate Chappell (co-founder of Tom’s of Maine) who will discuss “Life After Retirement.”

IMPORTANT!  All registrations will be handled only by Lincoln Health. To register, select as many of the classes listed below that you plan to attend and then call the Lincoln County Healthcare Education Center at 207-563-4540.

______ Tuesday, Sept. 26: “The Circle of Life.” An overview of how our bodies change over time.

_______Thursday, Oct. 5: “Now, where was I?” A look at how our brains change with age. Recognizing Alzheimer’s and dementias.

_______Tuesday, Oct. 10:  “What’s for lunch?” A discussion of how food choices affect our bodies and existing conditions.

_______Tuesday, Oct. 17:  “Sense and Sensibility.” What changes might we experience with our Vision? Hearing? Skin? What can we do about it?

_______Tuesday, Oct. 24: “Dem Bones and Bones and…” How do we keep our bones and joints healthy? Are all parts replaceable?

_______Tuesday, Oct. 31:  “Heart and Vessels.” Let’s talk about strokes and heart attacks and how to stay healthy.

_______Tuesday, Nov. 7:  “HELP!”  I need some help but I’m not ready for the nursing home!  What do I need? How do I find it? How do I pay for it?

_______Tuesday, Nov. 14: “Life after Retirement.” A discussion with Kate Chappell about continuing to live a life with purpose and excitement and  celebration of all we can be in later life.

More detail and bios for each of the sessions:

Tuesday, Sept. 26: The Circle of Life”

An overview of how our bodies change over time. What’s happening? What can we expect?

Speaker: Elisa Giaquinto, RN, BSN, M.S. Gerontology

Elisa has been a gerontology clinical nurse specialist for more than 30 years and has practiced in all health care settings. With advanced degrees in both anthropology and nursing, Elisa explores the intersections of our physical health with  our social institutions, and how these interactions shape the lived experience of old age. Currently Elisa teaches anthropology, sociology, and nursing evidence based practice, and lives in Searsport Maine and Providence Rhode Island.

Thursday, Oct 5: “Now, Where Was I?”

A look at how our brains change with age. Recognizing what’s normal and what might be a cause for concern.

Speaker: Peter Baker, BS, MSW, LCSW

Peter has served as Program Director of the Alzheimer’s Association, Maine Chapter, for the last year and a half.  For the last 5 years he has been a Member of the Maine Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes and has served on the Conference Planning Committee for the Alzheimer’s Association in Maine. He comes from a strong educational and practice background in helping and advocating for dementia patients throughout New England.

Tuesday, October 10: “What’s for Lunch?”

A Discussion of How Food Choices Affect our Bodies and Existing Conditions.


LincolnHealth Dietitians Ann Boe RD, LD and Elisabeth Cardali RD, LD

They will present information on some of the unique challenges of nutrition and the aging body.  They will discuss such topics as bone health, building lean muscle mass, and nutrients of importance. They will present, using an interactive format, some practical guidelines, suggest healthy food sources and share nutrition facts while dispelling certain food myths. They have educated clients in both one-on-one and class settings.

Ann C. Boe, RD, LD, has been a clinical dietitian and diabetes educator at LincolnHealth for almost 29 years.

Elisabeth Cardali, RD, LD has been a clinical dietitian and diabetes educator at LincolnHealth for the past 2 years.

Tuesday, Oct. 17: “Sense and Sensibility”

What changes might we experience with our Vision? Hearing? Skin? Teeth? What Can/Should We Do About It?


Talk to Me About My Eyes and Vision Changes: Panelist: Anne N. Sattler, CVTR (Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist) The Iris Network

Background: Ann is a traveling teacher for adults with low vision or blindness.

I address difficulties that consumers have on a daily basis, such as: cooking, cleaning, reading, note taking, job tasks, etc. I help these consumers find adaptive ways to do these skills so that they remain as independent as they desire.

Overview: Statistics of low vision; Common eye disorders; Issues that can accentuate low vision; What can help; Organizations that are in Maine

Talk to Me About My Hearing: Panelist: Robin Galleher, Director of Audiology, Pine Tree Society

Background: Robin Galleher, a Licensed Audiologist, has been the director of Audiology at the Pine Tree Society for 17 years.  Her experience has been built on a strong foundation of on-going education and more than 37 years of work in the field. Robin enjoys getting to know her clients and understanding their needs. She loves to take time to educate her clients and their families about hearing loss and the best solution to address their unique need.

Overview: What happens to our sense of hearing as we age? How to know if you should consider getting a hearing evaluation.  What to expect when you visit the audiologist.  She will also discuss what happens if hearing aids are recommended to treat hearing loss.

Talk to Me About My Teeth and the Importance of Oral Health: Panelist: Representative from Lincoln County Dental Clinic

Overview: Most people know that regular medical and dental check-ups are important. Even so most of us do not realize that the health of our mouth is important not only for oral health, but for our overall health as well.  The mouth is the window to the rest of the body. That’s why maintaining good oral health is a window to the rest of the body. Maintain a healthy mouth, teeth, gums – to live a healthier life as the years go by.

Talk to Me About My Skin and How to Keep it Healthy,  Panelist: Sylvia Tavares, Non-toxic Skin Consultant, Tree of Life Center for Wellbeing

Background: Sylvia Tavares is a non-toxic skin care consultant with the Tree of Life Center for Well Being.  She is a certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner.

Overview: As a person gets older, their skin tends to get more sensitive and thus needs extra care and protection. Discover how what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies and how it can affect the health and beauty of our skin.

Tuesday: Oct. 24: Dem Bones and Bones and…”

How Do We Keep Our Bones and Joints Healthy? Are all Parts Replaceable?

Speakers: Panelist: Robin Maginn, Senior Fitness Coordinator, Spectrum Generations

Background: Robin Maginn is an Advanced Certified Senior Personal Trainer and Senior Exercise Instructor and has received certifications from the Senior Fitness Association, the international association exclusively for fitness professionals who serve older adult populations. Robin has been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for 20 years. She observes all participants believing “form is everything”.

Overview: Weight bearing exercise and resistance training are crucial. Not only can weight training increase bone density, it can improve muscle mass, balance and connective tissue strength, all of which decrease risk of falling and breaking something. This loading stresses our skeletal system and has what is called an osteogenic effect, meaning that it creates new bone.

Panelist: Jennifer Wolfe

Background: Jennifer Wolfe is a Physical Therapist at LincolnHealth. She is a 2011 graduate from Husson University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She’s worked for 6 years in outpatient orthopedics with a specialty in aquatics and vestibular rehabilitation. She also teaches a Boxing Class for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Tuesday,  Oct. 31: “Heart and Vessels”

Let’s Talk about Heart Attacks and Stroke and how to stay healthy.

Speaker: Mary Hanrahan, RN, CCRP

Background: Mary Hanrahan, has been a critical care RN at WCGH for 23 years. She has been the coordinator and then the Nurse Director of Cardiac Rehab since 2006 and has been a Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Professional since 2014.

Tuesday, Nov. 7: “HELP!”

HELP! I want to Age in the Right Place – Where Do I Turn?What Kind of HELP Do I Need? How and Where Do I Find It? Who Pays for this?

Speakers: Panelist: Alison Williams, Regional Coordinator, Bridges Home Services, Spectrum Generations

Background: Alison Williams is a Regional Coordinator for Bridges Home Services.  For the last 5 years, she has worked with hundreds of clients and their families by coordinating Personal Support Services and assisting with referrals to other aging-in-place resources available in their community.

Overview: Alison’s segment will focus on getting started with help at home; what are the resources for paying and receiving care and what are the different at home help options (PSS Services, Skilled Care,Technology solutions etc.)

Panelist: Gerard “Gerry” Queally, CEO and President, Spectrum Generations, Central Maine Area Agency on Aging

Background: Gerry has been working as a senior executive in the non-profit sector since 1998, serving as the Chief Financial Officer for both Ingraham and Harbor Family Services prior to joining Spectrum Generations in July of 2011. He is a 1985 graduate of SUNY Maritime College and earned a Masters of Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University in 1995.

Panelist: Gloria Rhode, Senior Medicare Patrol, Statewide Coordinator, Legal Services for the Elderly

Background: Gloria has been involved in helping people navigate the complex Medicare system for over 13 years; the first 12 years as an Aging and Disability Resource Counselor with the Area Agencies on Aging. During this time she spent several years managing the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) program for that agency so the move into her current role of SMP Statewide Coordinator has been a natural fit. Gloria works closely with the Maine Medicare Rights Advocate to provide Medicare education across the State.

Panelist: Anne E. Smith, Medicare Rights Advocate, Legal Services for the Elderly

Background: Anne E. Smith serves as the Medicare Rights Advocate at Legal Services for the Elderly in Augusta, Maine. In her role as Medicare Rights Advocate, Anne assists Maine residents in understanding and accessing their Medicare benefits, rights and protections. She works closely with both the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) and the Maine SMP (Senior Medicare Patrol Project) to provide training to volunteers, social service providers, physicians and pharmacists as well as counseling and outreach to Medicare beneficiaries, their families and their caregivers on health insurance and prescription drug issues.

Anne has a Masters in Counseling from the University of Southern Maine. Prior to working at Legal Services for the Elderly Anne worked as a Certified Financial Planner in Portland, Maine and as a Dean at Concord Academy in Concord, Massachusetts.

Overview: If you have Medicare insurance, or expect to have it soon, you may have questions or need help to understand your Medicare benefits. Anne will provide resources for navigating the maze of complicated health insurance decisions (Medicare, Medicaid, supplemental insurance, prescription drug programs and related health insurance issues).  Segment participants will also hear about programs in Maine that may help lower the cost of prescription drugs and other out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Panelist: Steve Raymond, Community Outreach Director, The Lincoln Home

Background: Steve Raymond is a long time senior care professional.  He is currently the Director of Admissions and Community Outreach for the Lincoln Home Senior Retirement Community; Producer and Host of the popular LCTV show “Spotlight on Seniors;” and contributing writer for the Coastal Journal “Aging in Maine” column.

Overview: Steve will describe how small groups of friends and volunteers can organize to “Share the Care” to assist someone who is temporarily or seriously ill.  This model is based upon the not-for-profit organization Share the Care, and is designed to effectively care for those in need by sharing the responsibilities so caregivers are not “burned out, and in fact, the caregivers themselves emotionally benefit by being in service to others using their gifts within their capability.

Tuesday, Nov. 14: “Life After Retirement”

Let’s Talk About Life After Retirement – a discussion with Kate Chappell, co-founder of Tom’s of Maine, about continuing to live a life with purpose and excitement and a celebration of all we can be in later life.

Speaker: Kate Chappell

Background: Kate Cheney Chappell attended Chatham College and studied painting, etching and literature at the Sorbonne and l’Atelier Goetz in Paris. She is a 1983 graduate of the University of Southern Maine. A landscape painter for over 30 years, her more recent work combines printmaking techniques, collage and installation, and reflects her deep concern for the natural world. Kate and her husband Tom are co-founders of two environmentally sustainable, socially responsible companies, Tom’s of Maine and Ramblers Way. She serves on the Board of the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. Kate founded the Kate Cheney Chappell ’83 Center for Book Arts at the University of Southern Maine in 2006.  She serves as Chairman of its Advisory Board.

This final session will be held at the 1812 Farm, 1297 Bristol Road.