Coastal Senior College is operated by volunteers. Its success is directly tied to seniors who are willing to help in many different ways.

CSC is governed by a volunteer board of directors, which is the policy-making and governing arm of CSC. The functions of the board are to articulate and implement the mission and values of CSC, to set policy, plan for the future, establish and supervise an operating budget, ensure the fiscal health of CSC, and to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of CSC.

Much of the work of the College is organized by committees. The committees of the College where volunteers are needed include:

  • Curriculum Committee – Recruits instructors and approves courses; finds course venues and maintain current site descriptions;  schedules instructors, number of sessions, day, time, and venue for each class; prepares the course catalog; coordinates with Marketing to assure that classes are advertised; reviews course evaluations and makes or recommends improvements; and, recruits, trains, and supports course assistants.

If you wish to teach or volunteer, contact Byron Stuhlman,  bstuhl@tidewater.net

Classroom Media: We seek a volunteer who will serve as a consultant to our instructors on the use of laptops for projecting PowerPoint, photos, and downloaded media through our projectors. Most consultations can be handled by phone. Expect to provide no more than a few hours annually. For more information, contact Byron Stuhlman,  bstuhl@tidewater.net.

  • Events Committee – Plans, organizes, and produces special events (such as trips, lectures, walks, social events and other one-time educational events) that will enrich CSC member experience.

Members needed: The CSC Events Committee meets irregularly most months during the school year and we always need a helping hand. For more information please contact Bruce Rockwood, clan.rockwood@gmail.com, 350-2256 or Christopher Frost, c.frostysea@icloud.com, 529-5719.

  • Marketing and Publicity Committee – Creates and implements a marketing strategy; works with Curriculum and Special Events on publicizing courses and events, printing catalogs, and creating the newsletter part of the catalog; processes mailings of catalogs, newsletters and special notices to the membership and interest groups; and, produces informational pieces such as brochures, radio and T.V. spots to promote the name and mission of CSC. If you can help, please contact Shelly Swazey at shellyswazey@yahoo.com or Catherine Jewitt at cathycaryoperis@gmail.com.

Consider Becoming an M&P Member – Are you a CSC enthusiast? Do you enjoy writing, meeting people? Are you artistic? Do you love taking photographs? Would you like to moderate CSC’s Facebook presence? Do you enjoy a challenge? If your answer is “Yes” to any of the above questions, consider becoming a member of the Marketing & Publicity Committee. Contact either of the committee co-chairs Cathy Jewitt at cathycaryopteris@gmail.com or Shelly Swazey at shellyswazey@gmail.com for more information.

If you wish, you may download and print a form to register for courses or make a donation or to volunteer.

If you are thinking about volunteering as a teacher, click here for more information. For information about the curriculum committee process click here.