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To Prospective Teachers

We are pleased that you are seriously considering instructing/leading a class for us! Fall and Spring classes usually run eight weeks, though some are shorter. Winter courses usually run four to six weeks. Classes usually meet once a week for two hours. We strive for balance in our courses, offering a variety of subjects, formats, and locations. Morning sessions usually are from 10:00 to 12:00, and afternoon sessions from 1:30 to 3:30. Time slots may vary by class and instructor. While we are zooming, many teachers choose a session of one and a half hours with a short break in the middle.

For the time being, all of our classes are via Zoom. When we teach face to face, Knox County classes are held at the UMA Rockland Center, the Camden Library, Watts Hall and the Federated Church in Thomaston, First Universalist Church in Rockland and several other locations. Lincoln County classes are held at locations such as Schooner Cove and Chase Point on the Miles Health Care Campus, and the Skidompha Library in Damariscotta; the Lincoln Home, and St. Andrew’s Church in Newcastle; the Bremen Library; and Nobleboro Town Hall. Occasionally, courses are held in Wiscasset and in Boothbay Harbor.

We request that you thoroughly read and respond to all the questions on the proposal form. Experience has told us that the more clearly our classes are described, the greater the student satisfaction.

Fall courses usually begin the last week in September; winter classes, the second week in February; spring classes, the first week in April. The deadlines for submitting proposals are as follows: for fall courses, the last week in May; for winter courses, the last week in August; for spring courses, the last week in October. Instructors are assigned a liaison on the Curriculum Committee, who will be your resource person to answer questions and guide you through the process. If you are interested in teaching, please complete a proposal form (available on the link below) and forward it to John Ward at  
Curriculum@CoastalSeniorCollege.orgFor additional useful information for prospective instructors, please see the right column. 

Leading a group should be an exciting adventure for you – an opportunity to delve into a subject for which you have enthusiasm, passion, and interest. You are not expected to be or to become the world’s most definitive expert in your subject. Rather, we seek individuals who have the skill and discipline to lead a group of active participants, who, like you, are eager to probe, learn, and discuss. As an instructor/facilitator, you will be volunteering your time.

To look at, print or download a proposal form for further review:

2023 Winter Course Proposal Word
2023 Winter Course Proposal PDF

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Expenses: CSC allows expenses up to $20 per student per class. If you wish to do photocopying for your class, you should use our accounts at Supplies Unlimited in Damariscotta or Good Impressions in Rockland. For any other expenses, contact the curriculum committee co-chair, Byron Stuhlman,

Use of the CSC Website: Instructors may expand the course description given in the catalog on our website and may also create a classroom page on the website. For more information, contact Byron Stuhlman, or PO Box 74, Round Pond 04564.

Equipment: CSC can advise instructors on what equipment is available at the various sites. CSC owns some equipment for use at sites without the necessary equipment: a digital projector, pc laptop, 6 x 6 screen, portable microphone. A request must be made in advance for this equipment and it is loaned on a first-come, first-served basis

Classroom assistance: If your proposal is accepted, you will be contacted regarding the proposed time and location of your class. CSC makes every attempt to honor an instructor’s preferences. However, conflicting classes and facilities usage sometimes make it difficult to match those preferences. Once course registration begins, a Course Assistant is assigned to each class. This individual is responsible for making CSC announcements, distributing evaluations, and assisting in setting up the classroom in whatever is the preferred arrangement.

New instructors need to know that Senior College advertises there will be no term papers, quizzes or final exams. It is reasonable for instructors to assume that students will read materials. It is not uncommon for CSC students to enroll, despite knowing they cannot be at every class! Some of our students “disappear” from classes for one or two weeks or even more due to travel and family commitments.