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Our New CSC Website and Organization

Our new CSC Website is powered by ClubExpress, a suite of programs to help manage and grow our new membership organization. With it we can do our communications, provide online registration and membership management, keep track of finances, create and manage discussion forums, maintain a library of programs, and much more. Our own Tech Committee, with the oversight of the Marketing and Publicity Committee, creates and manages the website content.   

If you have been a CSC member, you can still activate your account by going to Logging on the First Time for instructions.  

You may notice that the software "thinks" of all our functions-activities-courses-meetings and other calendar items as "Events". That may be a little confusing at first. We hope you will get used to it.

As you explore the site, please notice a tab on the right side of the screen with a < on it.  Hover over this with your mouse and a menu will slide out allowing you to choose to enlarge the type on the current page if you are having trouble reading it.  You can also print the current page or scroll to the top. 

If you have suggestions or would like to help with website, please contact the Marketing and Publicity Committee at

Take a look at some of the capabilities of our new CSC website:

Registering for events
 (function, activity, course, meeting, etc.)
On the event page you will find the description of the event, where and when it is taking place, contact person(s), size, etc. There will be a Register Now button on the right if the you can register.  To register, click the button and follow instructions. If the button is not there, registration may not be open yet, the event may be full, or you are not eligible to register, perhaps because you are not a member yet.   

If the event is full, there may be a Add me to Waitlist button on the right. Click it to add yourself to the waitlist. If a seat opens up you will be sent an email with instructions to register. You will be given 12 hours to respond. If you don't take it, the seat will be offered to someone else. 

You can cancel a registration by returning to the event description page. There will be a button on the right saying Cancel my Registration. Click the button and confirm on the drop down message. If you have paid for the event, you will be given a CSC credit that you can use in the future, for example: to register for another event, pay membership, or donate to CSC. Different events may have different cancellation rules which are always noted on the event description page. 

Accessing account information
Once you are logged onto the site, your name will appear in the upper right of the site. Click your name to see your Member Profile. You can update your contact information, such as a change of address or phone number. You can also view your Event History, including upcoming events. This allows you to review your registrations and you can also cancel registrations from this listing. If your membership is due for renewal, there will be a button in your Member Profile to renew your membership.

Participating in
 Discussion Forums 
Here members can chat about common interests or concerns, or give feedback on a topic. To start with, we have created "Envisioning our CSC Future" for your comments and suggestions about this website and other aspects of the new CSC. To get to the Forums look in the Participate! dropdown menu. 

CSC Committees also have forums for members of the Committee as another convenient way to keep in touch and share information. If you are a member of one of these Committees, that forum should show up for you on the Discussion Forums page. 

To view the Forums and to opt in or out of a Forum, look at the Forums section of your Member Profile. If you would like to create a new Forum, send a brief description and forum name to and we will set it up for you. You will need to recruit members to join (opt in) to your new Forum.