Marianne and John Ward
are a special treat for the Fall, 2014

The MacMillan Dictionary states that a two-fer is “a special offer or arrangement by which you pay for one thing and get another one.” On line, the Wiktionary states a two-fer is “something that yields a substantial additional benefit.” And the New World Dictionary states: “two (esp. theater tickets) for the price of one.” So, CSC is delighted to be offering students another two-fer.

Wards photo

John and Maryanne Ward are preparing for their joint course on Bleak House this Fall in Newcastle.

Registrants for John and Maryanne Ward’s Fall class on Dickens’ Bleak House will be receiving two highly-experienced teachers for the price of one. This is not the first time this has happened. Last spring, the Wards offered a class on Middlemarch that was extremely well received. According to them, they loved this first-time experience in co-teaching a class. They believe that they both approach the subject matter from very different perspectives. John states that he is interested in the “craftsmanship” and takes a microscopic view of works, whereas Maryanne tends to a macroscopic view and is very interested in explaining the Victorian audience for whom these works were written. As can be seen in this catalogue’s biographies, both John and Maryanne are well qualified to teach these subjects and both bring a wealth of experience to the task. Interestingly, they prepared for these classes independently. Students in their first
class did not seem to be concerned when, from time to time, they aired their differences during discussions.

Both Wards taught separate CSC classes before attempting the joint one. They were gratified to have students from their individual classes enrolled in the new venture. Maryanne commented that preparing for these CSC classes can be a challenge because instructors are facing “mature, intelligent and motivated readers.”

Interestingly, a husband and wife were enrolled in the Ward’s first class. And, it was their first time enrolling in a CSC course. James and Kathleen Graf are retirees from the D.C. area, who were familiar with the continuing ed opportunities in that large city. They discovered the Ward’s CSC class through the Free Press and were delighted to know that such opportunities existed in the midcoast of Maine. Their comments regarding the experience are noteworthy. Kathleen noted: “Professors Maryann and John Ward knew their Senior College students were serious readers who came prepared to class. The professors’ lectures richly displayed their knowledge and love of English literature to an appreciative audience of learners. Lectures were short so class discussions among students and with the professors consumed our time. Our class could easily have spent an additional hour in each session as discussions never lagged. Time flew!” James noted: “The idea of the course being led by a husband wife professor team was very interesting and after reading the Wards’ CVs I really looked forward to the class. While my undergraduate major was Poli. Sc., I had in essence a minor in English Lit so I did have great expectations for the course. As a retired lawyer, I still value reading and the written word…. In a word, Maryanne and John Ward were marvelous.”

Husband and wife instructors. Husband and wife participants. Good things come in pairs. CSC looks forward to more excellent “twofer” opportunities and thanks the Wards for their continued dedication to bringing the joy of lifelong learning to Lincoln and Knox county residents.”